Drugstore Makeup Favorites

Drugstore Makeup Favorites
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When it comes to makeup, I usually stick to the tried and true brands from the drugstore and leave more expensive brands to be delivered to me in the form of product samples. Over the years, I have found my favorites but am always up for trying new makeup products. My list of favorites (so far!) include:

Concealer: Mary Kay
I don’t buy a lot of Mary Kay makeup or beauty products, but I like their concealer. It comes in a very small tube and you literally need just the tiniest dab to do the trick. It blends easily and lasts for a long time (nearly a year in my case). It’s just the right consistency, not too thick or too thin like other brands I’ve tried.

Eye shadow: e.l.f.
Last Christmas I bought myself a makeup set that came with 100 eye shadow colors! I am sad to report that I have not used all 100 colors, but that I did venture into using some brighter shades. I used red blended with gold, which resulted in a cool rust color. And I mixed a dark navy with a silvery color for an icy hue. When it comes to experimenting with color, go inexpensive with e.l.f.

Mascara: Maybelline
Maybelline is a favorite among many. I don’t know if it’s the brush or the nostalgia or what it is, but I’ve used this mascara for years. The color goes on very thick for me, which is good for my thinner lashes, but it doesn’t clump.

Lip Color: CoverGirl
It doesn’t matter which lip color product I buy, CoverGirl never disappoints. It has lasting color, but it doesn’t cake on or seem too thick. One of my favorite products of theirs is Lipslicks. It glides on easily and leaves a beautiful sheen and color.

These are only some of the favorite makeup products I've found along the way. Which drugstore brands are your favorite?

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I use Maybelline mascara as a second coat over my expensive Bad Girl Lash. It makes it go farther so I can have both twice as long! Thank you for the other reviews I will have to check them out! This comment has been removed.
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