Blazers for Women

Blazers for Women

Find the Right Blazer to Fit Your Style

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If there is one fashion staple that every woman must have in her closet, it is the blazer. So much more than just a vessel to keep oneself warm, the blazer comes in many shapes, fabrics, and colors, each more stylish than the next. In this post, we discuss some popular cuts, and why you need them in your life.

The Suit Blazer

The quintessential work staple, a suit blazer will oftentimes come with coordinating bottom pieces. A workhorse blazer, so to speak, the work blazer will ideally be in a neutral shade of navy, grey, or black. It will also be a bit on the longer side, and cut of a more generous fabric, to ensure that the look remains slightly conservative. As with most blazers, I highly recommend you go with a custom-fit suit blazer, to ensure that your look is both refined and professional.

The Casual Blazer

Perfect with a pair of jeans, today's casual blazers not only come with fun embellishments (studs, anyone?), but also in fun, trendy colors. Unlike the work suit blazers, casual blazers tend to be brighter and bolder, and again, revolve around capturing the season's trends. My favorite look for warmer months is the sailor jacket (in nautical stripes, of course), paired with a pair of navy or red pants. It's the perfect weekend look, promise.

The Cropped Blazer

The cropped blazer is a fun option for more festive occasions, and like the casual blazers, have the option of coming in bright colors with fun embellishments. These are the blazers that will look great over a daytime dress, or paired with your favorite high-waist pencil skirt. Add a ruffle in there, and you have a great time.

Embrace one of fashion's greatest staples, and get into a blazer, today.

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