Are you interested in offering virtual try-on capabilities to your customers? TAAZ is trusted by more leading beauty and fashion brands than any other company providing virtual makeover technology.

“… now for the first time ever customers will know what the product shades online will look like when applied at home. Users are able to see not only the color, but also the finish and coverage of each product on their face before making a purchase.” – Elana Drell-Szyfer,
Senior Vice President of Global Marketing for Estée Lauder
“We are extremely pleased to have partnered with TAAZ.com, the clear leader in virtual makeover technologies. TAAZ.com has been a very innovative partner for us, in bringing highly interactive experience not only for our users but also for our valued advertising partners.” - Fran Hauser, President, Digital, Time Inc. Style and Entertainment Group
“We chose to partner with TAAZ because they are the clear leader in virtual makeover technology, and they have delivered a very realistic experience for our users” - Betsy Olum, SVP Marketing, Sephora USA
WEB + MOBILE + IN-STORE Technology that works on multiple platforms, including web, mobile and in-store. Flash- and HTML5-based applications.
SERVING TOP MEDIA COMPANIES, BEAUTY BRANDS & RETAILERS Media companies turn to TAAZ to create advertising opportunities and increase consumer engagement. Beauty brands and retailers rely on TAAZ to provide deep consumer insights and increased conversion rates. BRING YOUR STYLE TO LIFE TM
TAAZ is the leader in realistic try-on technology for hair, makeup and accessories. We provide virtual try-on technology that works in multiple platforms and devices.
CONTACT US To find out more, contact us at busdev@TAAZ.com or (858) 597-0512 TAAZ is committed to providing the most realistic, effective virtual try-on solutions. We offer the most advanced custom integration and work with each client to craft the best solutions to meet their unique needs. THE INTELLIGENCE BEHIND BEAUTY, FASHION AND STYLE TM BACK TO TOP
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