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BEAUTY PROFILE: Dark brown eyes, combination medium to tan skin, darkest brown very long (mid-back) straight hair

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Makeup Artist & Licensed Esthe!! I am so happy to be doing what I love!! I was fortunate enough to escape the world of finance as I was on the path to become a CPA, and then decided to make a U-turn and be true to myself <3

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vbeauty asked a question.

How to buy foundation online??
Hi Ladies, have you ever bought a foundation online? If so, how did you determine what color worked best for you? Thanks for your help <3
vbeauty published a new makeover.

vbeauty published a new makeover.

vbeauty commented on wedding dress

"Oooo this was a toughie... Bt the first and last.. picked the last tho bc it was modern and edgy"
vbeauty published a new article.

Nail Newness!
As rays of sunlight pierce through the clouds and flowers blossom through the cracks of sidewalks, I’m constantly reminded that…
vbeauty published a new article.

Mane Protection
There’s no question about it. We, women, do some major damage to our hair. After exposing it to heat, color and a wide array of…
vbeauty published a new article.

Gentle Makeup Removers
You’ve heard me say this time and time again, but proper skincare is crucial if you aim to maintain a youthful appearance. Today,…
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Wedding Makeup Tutorial
Let the wedding frenzy begin! Spring marks the launch of wedding season. If you haven’t decided on your beauty look for the big day, may…
vbeauty replied to effective way to get rid of dandruff?

"Sometimes it's caused by a dry scalp. If this is the case, then you need to switch to a moisturizing conditioner."
vbeauty replied to I want to do something different with my…

"I could also see you with a side part or side-swept bangs. Pic from Instyle.com"
vbeauty replied to What are the best affordable anti-aging…

"I highly recommend that you get a serum. Retinols are a great anti-aging ingredient, but salicylic acid would be great for your oily nose."
vbeauty commented on DIY Matte Nail Polish

"@hkec np! I love diy home remedies :)"
vbeauty commented on Bridal Beauty Checklist

"@dbrhose Thank you!"
vbeauty commented on Latest MAC Collection:…

"@Lacey4 Wow I'm shocked that they don't offer collections like this globally :("
vbeauty commented on Sensitive Skin Care Routine for Busy…

"Great deal for $30! I'll have to look into this - THANKS!"
vbeauty commented on Is It Time to Wear Wedges?

"Those wedges are darling!"
vbeauty commented on Look of the Week: Jessica Chastain

"I'm such a huge fan of hers! So beautiful and what a great actress!"
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