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dayana3114 asked a question.

what makeup for this dress?
it is an evening event.
dayana3114 asked a question.

what accessories should i wear with this…
i have to wear RED accessories with this white dress? what accessories and shoes should i wear?
dayana3114 asked a question.

Help for my oily skin!
Hi I'm dayana and im 15. I have acne prone skin and Ive noticed that my skin is very oily even in winter. I want to get my skin under control…
dayana3114 asked a question.

How can I extend my already long nails?
I have an activity to attend next week but my nails aren't as long as I would like them to be. How can I extend my already long nails to be longer…
dayana3114 asked a question.

what makeup look should i do?
I am 15 years and will be wearing a royal blue with silver details dress to a party. I want to do a makeup for nighttime. Also which drugstore…
dayana3114 asked a question.

What dress will best suite me best?
I am 15 years old and 5'4 and skinny. I am going to a party. Should i get a long or short dress? Also, should I get a dress that hugs my body or a…
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