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BEAUTY PROFILE: Blue gray eyes, light skin, ash blonde long (past shoulder) straight hair

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I love drawing and sketching. I couldn't live without my favourite music. I have no idea where the future is going to take me :)

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susantaylor has posted on ZombieUnicorn 's corner

"still got that prom dress please tell where i can buy same dress or cn i buy dress off you"
ZombieUnicorn replied to Is my outfit fine?

"The shoes and dress look great by the way! x"
ZombieUnicorn replied to Is my outfit fine?

"I'm not sure if the necklace looks a little out of place? Maybe adding a black skinny belt and/or black bracelet(s) could tie it all…
ZombieUnicorn commented on What color should I choose when I'll…

"I think the first one looks great on you! The colour is nice and looks natural, but it suits your complexion and has a warm undertone to it…
loveya3 has posted on ZombieUnicorn 's corner

"Everyone is beautiful in their own way! She should see that, because I do! Good luck to her."
  1. @sopaholici

    true storyy

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Which hair suits me best?
My current hair is blonde (natural!) but I really want a change. I tend to love when people dye their hair bright crazy colours! I was just…
ZombieUnicorn published a new photo.

Nail art!
I just wanted to show you guys this nail art that I did on my Cousin last week. I used the masking tape technique for the designs on the nails, and I…
ZombieUnicorn published a new makeover.

Goth style makeover
I used a model picture for this makeover, I just wanted to be creative!
ZombieUnicorn replied to what hair color should I get?

"Hi there :) I think that either a warm honey blonde colour would look nice on you, but since we're currently heading to winter (and I think…
ZombieUnicorn commented on Vote the most beautiful hairstyle for…

"In my opinion an up-do would be best to show off the dress, but also curls pinned to one side would look nice :) "
ZombieUnicorn commented on which is ur favorite sparkling wedding…

"These are all too over-the-top for my taste, I'd have something slightly more simple :) "
ZombieUnicorn commented on IN RED!!

"Well I love #5, but my favourite is #1! :) "
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