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Nicole Kidman Down Hair

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Nicole Kidman Hairstyle

Faceshape: Long

Length: Long

Color: Red

Style: Wavy, Down, Layered

About this look

Nicole Kidman is no stranger to the red carpet. The Australian actress looked absolutely gorgeous with long, loose locks framing her face. Her long hair ends at just the right length to draw attention to the keyhole cutout of her beautifully detailed dress.

To get flowing waves like Nicole’s, simply part hair down the center and style with a large-barreled curling iron. Dividing hair into small, one-inch sections will ensure that you get a great curl every time. Nicole opted to leave her roots relatively straight; for a similar effect, wrap hair around the barrel of the curling iron, making sure to stop two to three inches from the scalp. Spritz with hairspray to lock the look in place.

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