Down Hair

Kristen Bell Down Hair

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Kristen Bell Hairstyle

Faceshape: Oval

Length: Long

Color: Blonde

Style: Straight, Down, Layered

About this look

Kristen Bell displayed an enviably sleek and shiny mane at a red-carpet event. The actress has long, blonde locks that shine almost as brightly as her megawatt smile. This low-maintenance hairdo is taken up a notch by Kristen’s electric-blue eye shadow and winged eyeliner.

Getting tresses this radiant requires a little bit of prep work. Prior to heat styling, deep condition your hair in the shower, coating your strands with a hair mask or treatment for a full thirty minutes. Rinse and dry hair as usual. For best results, use a round, natural-bristle brush and a blow dryer with a concentrated nozzle, so that you can flatten hair as it dries. Once hair is completely dry, use a flatiron to make your hair even sleeker, and set with a shine spray or serum.

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