Down Hair

Emily Blunt Down Hair

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Emily Blunt Hairstyle

Faceshape: Oval

Length: Medium

Color: Brown

Style: Straight, Down, Layered

About this look

Always the portrait of porcelain perfection, actress Emily Blunt stepped out at a recent movie premiere looking flawless. Her beauty look here is dramatic, without being too over the top. Her only enhancements: a steely blue smoky eye, pale-pink flushed cheeks, and a simple, nude lipstick.

Emily’s shoulder-length bob is shiny, healthy, and effortlessly cool. This is a look that can easily be attained by anyone. Just blow dry wavy hair in small pieces to achieve smooth, sleek strands. The actress’ mid-toned brunette locks have just the right hint of honey at the ends, adding another dimension to this easy, chic style.

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