Down Hair

Cat Deeley Down Hair

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Cat Deeley Hairstyle

Faceshape: Long

Length: Long

Color: Blonde

Style: Straight, Down, Layered

About this look

Blonde babe Cat Deeley shows off a healthy mane with tons of volume at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards. The British beauty has gorgeous hair and a personality to match! It’s no wonder she’s been the first choice to host shows like So You Think You Can Dance.

To get Cat’s voluminous waves, you’ll need a set of trusty hot rollers. Divide dry hair into small sections and then roll them up in the curlers. Only keep the rollers in for a few seconds before removing them from the hair. This will create just enough volume and height for a red carpet, without going over the top. A hint of shine spray finishes the look beautifully.

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