Blonde Hair Color

Lacey Schwimmer Blonde Hair Color

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Lacey Schwimmer Hairstyle

Faceshape: Long

Length: Long

Color: Blonde

Style: Wavy, Down, Ombre

About this look

Professional dancer Lacey Schwimmer kept her ombre locks voluminous and curled with this decidedly retro hairdo. The star kept the sixties theme going with heavy eye liner and dramatic lashes.

To get her look, begin by blow drying semi-damp hair using a blow dryer with a concentrated nozzle attachment. Run a round brush through strands while drying, to create significant volume, especially at the ends of the hair. Next, grab a large-barreled curling iron and curl one-inch sections of your mane, until the entire length of hair is set in large curls. Spritz with hairspray to finish.

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