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The Charmed Life

Mirror, mirror on the wall - who's the fairest of them all? You, naturally. And now it's time to show it. Get closer to achieving "reflection perfection" as you collect a hierarchy of precious charms.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

The more you partake in our ongoing pretty party on TAAZ, the more trinkets you'll earn to signify your status. Charm levels advance as you create buzz-worthy makeovers, write articles and spill the beans on your best-kept beauty secrets. And you'll also get credit for the "love" you receive from other users.

Charms FAQ

How will I know if I receive a new charm?
Charms are gifted once a day. You'll receive an email notification for each charm you receive, you'll see a post on your corner for the charms, and you'll see your newest charms when you visit your Charms page in your profile.

How do I see my charms?
1) Go to your profile (if you're signed in, click "My Profile")
2) On the right-hand side, you should see "CHARMS," a count of the number of charms you have, and a "see all" link. Click on "see all."

How many charms can I collect?
The possibilities are endless! The more fun you have on TAAZ, the more charms you'll unlock. We add new, exciting charms regularly, so keep an eye out for users who earn them.

I have a main charm... how do I get to the next level?
The best tip we can give you is this: If you earned a Main Charm, you know that you did something right more than once. Keep growing your experience in this area, and you'll eventually reach the next level.

I saw someone have an "Ace Advisor" charm, how do I get it?
Come on, now, a girl's got to have a few secrets! Ask around and maybe someone else at this party knows.

I want a different charm to show next to my name when I post an advice or trend.
How do I change it?

We don't have a way for users to change the charm that displays yet. The charm that displays by your name is the charm that is most difficult to earn (the highest-ranked) charm that you have. Once you receive another charm that outranks it, this charm will replace it on these pages.
For general FAQ, please visit our FAQ page.
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