is bleaching hair tips safe?

Is bleaching hair tips safe?

so i have really really super thin hair, the only reason for that is because about a year ago i abused the heck out of it,i rubbed my ends and my scalp roughly with a towel after showering.the past year i took good care of my hair and it is much fuller compared to then, i don't use heat in my hair i don't own any heating product not even a hair dryer.i use a comb instead of brush, i keep my hair loose and open and make sure there is no tension on my roots, i also do other things such as oils etc. now i wanna try a new colored tips effect on my hair for which i would have to bleach my tips and then apply the color, can i do this? or will it cause breakage? my only fear is my hair tips snapping while i comb them, so can i bleach my hair tips?
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