How to return to natural brown hair? Currently black roots with blue ends

How to return to natural brown hair? currently black roots with blue ends

I want to return to my natural colour. Natural hair is 4 or 3 on natural hair colour levels(medium brown/slightly above dark brown). I have had hair dressers fully bleach and then toned silver (January). I bleached myself and dyed permanent blue (March). I update with semi permanent. Went to hairdressers talked to them about roots, did what they suggested and got black roots and blend it down into the blue. Olaplex all over to help strengthen it. Hair is drier then the average head but nearly no split ends. I like my hair at the moment and want to keep the blue but I'm thinking I would like to transition back to natural colour but have no idea how without having brown to black to blue.(Which doesn't sound like it will look good!) Thanks!
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