Anyone know the aftercare rules following a Pravana Smoothout treatment?

Anyone know the aftercare rules following a pravana smoothout treatment?

My stylist did a Pravana Smooth Put treatment on my hair, I'm assuming I was the first client she's ever done it on since she was literally reading the instructions while doing it to my hair, but she was telling me that I couldn't sweat/get it wet/wash it/clip it/tie it/etc. for the first 72 hours, but I've been reading that the hair can be worn up right straight after treatment (you can tie it up, etc.) and you can wash it, style it (curl it, etc.) straight away without waiting 72 hours. I'm assuming the smooth out treatment isn't like a keratin treatment.. other than having to use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.. so I was wondering if anyone knows exactly what I can do post-treatment?
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